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Text Analytics: A Tale of Lengthy WhatsApp Messages!

I don’t know whether it’s just me or every other person feels same, but I really do not like lengthy and “forward-this-to” WhatsApp messages. In fact, I don’t even read them! I think I had this notion that WhatsApp was meant for a quick exchange of, “hello, how was your day?” and not, “The story of the Bamboo”, and “… forward this to twelve people you care about, and twelve blessings will come to you this week” – I quickly move from 😕 to 😡 in milliseconds, like seriously? I remember when I first got the application, I presumed that the founders coined the name after exchanging pleasantries – “WhatsApp” as in “What’s up”, that being the case, the app will basically be used for exchanging pleasantries. After using the application for some time my thought process changed. Continue reading “Text Analytics: A Tale of Lengthy WhatsApp Messages!”

Data Story



The amount of data in the world and in our lives seems ever-increasing especially with the presence of computers. Lying hidden in all this data is potentially useful information that is scarcely taken advantage of.

You ask, ‘what do I do with this data’, I’m glad you asked…

Statistics is the science of learning from all these data and making decisions based on information collected from the data. Continue reading “DATA, STATISTICS AND EVERYDAY LIFE II”