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States with the most Narcotic drugs seized

drugs-seized-state-srtDrug abuse has become a worldwide problem in modern times. It has become so difficult to keep it under control especially because of the billions of dollars involved in drug trafficking. Even with all the say no to drugs hashtags flying around, anti-drug-abuse-themed football tournaments featuring celebs, massive road walk campaigns, and music snippets; drug abuse and addiction will continue to be a plague in our society because of the complexities surrounding it.

According to the latest crime data on drug abuse and enforcement released by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Ondo state and Edo state lead in the quantity of drug seized. With over 500,000 kg of narcotic drugs, seized from both states through 2012 -2016 (See Viz above). The animated map illustrates seizure trends for each state from 2012 -2016.


On this note: #saynotodrugs

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