Data Story






Our society today is completely overwhelmed with data. When you turn on the TV or open a newspaper, you are flooded with numbers, charts, graphs, and statistical results. The weather forecaster predicts that it’ll be sunny in Lagos based on analyses of past data and present weather conditions. At work, you extract information from charts and tables, enter data into spreadsheets, take measurements, perform calculations, and improve your active and walking lifestyle based on data from your fitness tracker.

At lunch, you go to a restaurant based on positive reviews from friends. You don’t feel well so you go to your clinic where medics take your blood pressure, temperature, weight, and do a blood test; after all the data is collected, you get a report showing your numbers and how you compare to the statistical ‘norms’.

You head home in your car that’s been insured at a rate statistically determined by the insurance company. When you get home, you turn on the news and hear the latest business statistics. You get bored and turn to your social media page and realize that Facebook is recommending adverts to you based on your previous web searches.

At night, you brush your teeth with a tooth gel that has been statistically proven to fight harmful bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis and go to sleep, only to start it all over again the next day…

If you spot a typo or an error in the post, please let me know in the comment section – so I can fix it.

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