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The days I walk the most, a step at a time.

I guess you must have probably heard of the 10,000 steps/day and that a good walking schedule counts towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. My advice to us (myself too), start walking more, to the market, mall, church, etc. Take the stairs and not the elevator/escalator and indulge in more chores at home –  you’ll be surprised at the number of steps you’ll rack up at the end of the day. You can also buy a pedometer or fitness tracker like Fitbit because, like “they” always say, ” you don’t advance until you realize your current state”, plus chances are the device will encourage you to take 10,000 steps a day.

That being said, let me talk about the number of steps I have taken since July 2015 (the earliest I could get). I don’t own a fitness tracker but I’m usually with my phone during my active times throughout the day and the iPhone health application is just fine for me. This is especially important because it’s difficult to extract your fitness data from most fitness trackers and you’ll have to pay for access in most cases (read: fitbit, why I can’t have my data?).  It’s so easy and quick with the health app (open app→click the profile icon→ export health data→choose destination), you just extract the data and send to your preferred destination, I sent mine to my mail. Although I don’t get minute-by-minute data, the data I get for intervals I walked (having my phone with me) was quite informative. It revealed that I walk the most on Saturdays (262,420 steps for the period earlier mentioned) and the least on Sundays – obviously, I relax and sleep a lot on Sundays. I also have a daily average of about 2000 steps (Kinda low right?, that’s changing soon…) and there are days I made up to 10,000 steps. Here’s an infographic for the data.

Dashboard 1

What’s your own walking and fitness device/app story?. I’ll love to hear it, do leave a comment.

If you spot a typo or any error in the post, please let me know in the comment section – so I can fix it.

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